Friday, February 27, 2009

take me to another place

you want to get away but not sure where to go...then just stay home and mix it up a bit with these fun morocco inspired pieces!

love list

at the end of each week i want to add to the list of things i love by sharing something i love owning or just drooling over. now i must brag on my husband's generous gift for valentine's day. i have enjoyed getting to know my michele watch and it has been an adjustment seeing that i haven't worn one in about 8 years. i have admired these watches for a while because of their grand scale.
these watches are so very well made and this accessory comes with interchangeable accessories which one will be the will i ever decide?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

hair on hide heaven

this rug is from a wonderful showroom called david sutherland
company is based in austin, tx and have a wide range of fabulous rugs
amazing patterns and wide range of colors to fit any decor
have seen many in person and have purchased for clients

happy to show more if interested...

more green with envy

another blog featuring delectable green interiors

green with envy is right

Tobi Fairley Blog is a must see! This image of her beautiful living room is featured here . She chronicles the happenings at her Luxury Residential Design Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Her blog has many followers and hope you will join me in enjoying her work!!

lighten up

happy lamps that will having you seeing the brighter side of life
stray dog all products are made of glass, tin, iron, and papier mache products. each is original, handmade works of art designed by Jane Gray. a portion of the purchase price is donated to organizations that do things like feed hungry children, shelter homeless families, or create loving homes for stray dogs and cats.

broadbeach not sure if you can tell from the photo but this gem is covered in leather with antique brass nailheads. can also come in a multitude of other leathers colors.

burts cason great company out of NOLA (that stands for New Orleans Louisiana for all you non-southern folk). they are wonderful to work with on your highly customizable lamps. you get to pick everything out on these beauties. lamp shape, shade size, pattern, pattern color, background color and much more.

not only are these lamps either customizable to your hearts content they can also help someone in need.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

so clutch

textures and tassels...these bags are some
show stoppers at all price points!!

thom boy

well it's a little know fact that i do love me some thom filicia (my favorite pic of the fab five on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy)...his designs are unique and personal as ever as he wonderfully portrays on his show called "Dress My Nest". here are a few ideas from his book Thom Filicia Style that i strongly agree with...enjoy!!

to see a short video of thom about his book click here

the classic shapes and colors make this bathroom a timeless choice

the open feel of this kitchen makes me feel like a fresh meal can adequately be prepared

the chairs are not only a bold statement that can set your interiors a step above the norm they also create a place that is not only suitable for dining but a great gathering place

yippy zippy

graphic accessories you gotta have that will brighten any day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

oh so charming

these beautiful baubles are sure to be adored by many!!

perfect pair

simple and clean furniture pieces are great with a modern twist...of course!
this lovely chair is available through Hudson

tickled pink

my first post to my new outlet for creative expression...oh joy!!
this precious luggage is available through StreamLine Luggage
the steamer trunk has been reinvented with class but also affordable price tag.