Tuesday, February 28, 2012

she sells seashells

natural elements are used in design all the time...these pieces usually add some organic lines to your spaces (such as branches, rock crystal, etc.) here we see several examples of what the natural beauty of seashells can do your interiors. bring on the sunshine and beaches!

tobi fairley uses shells in her art collection. brilliant colors with dramatic black backdrops!

if you don't want an actual shell then this book does the trick. gorgeous images!

adore this amazing cluster of oversized shells...mary mcdonald has done it right. 

oly studio has this super textual wall sconce that would be to pretty in a dining space or bedroom. it's soft lines and color are well suited for any spaces truly!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

projects on the horizon!

it's time to get back to blogging...the love of inspiring others is too strong! currently working with two clients in fort worth, one in corinth (just north of denton), two in denton and two weddings (first in march and the second in september). plus a little boy i know is turning two in april so plans are in full swing for his "british birthday bash" (you can check out some of my ideas on pinertest). needless to say my plate is full with still doing some event coordinating at the wildwood inn. i thrive on the hustle and bustle though so life is good!! i prayed for more clients because i was missing designing and He has provided. ask and you shall receive :)

i have been using a new program called picasa that's linked with my gmail account. it's come in as a very handy FREE tool that's given my clients an idea of their room/event at a glance. here are just a few of my faves...

nursery for twins...due soon so the finished product will be pictured soon!

a casual sophisticated dining room in the works!

the vintage chic wedding that's in september!

what projects are you working on? love seeing the process and how it evoles over the course of the project. hope many of my usual followers are happy to see me back....sure do love blogging. happy week to all!