Tuesday, May 24, 2011

whether to expedit or lack?

ikea storage is most genius when it comes to style for not a lot of cash. had this piece in our home for a long time until we needed a play space for our little man! this is called expedit

the scoop blog has featured the LACK bookcase from ikea . Michelle Adams is shown styled above that was featured in Australian shelter mag Real Living.

LACK bookcase used as nursery storage for one of the scoop's authers laura. isn't this sweet!!(kelli...note that this is the same crib that you purchased for baby tyler! shout out!!)

this photo shows how laura from the scoop has transformed this piece into extra storage in their family room...well done!!


  1. Love this Court! can't wait to have another gals night! get your snazy drill team uniform out of that closet:)

  2. hehehe! thanks for your comment :) And I had a BLAST with you at the show the other night...I will be sending you a nice pic to get you fired up for the in person experience!!