Monday, May 18, 2009

cute as a button

ok so i am not usually craft crazy but for some reason this project seemed easy enough and the end product isn't too forced. i am pretty happy with the way mine turned out. looks a little vintage and could possibility be sold in anthro. i rummaged through my mom's button collection, purchased a linked bracelet, 60-9mm jump rings and toggle clasps at Micheal's. completed project took about 30 minutes to put together with two needle nose pliers and cost was under $10.00. i am pretty pleased...what are your thoughts? something you would do or only buy completed?


  1. ok i want one and would pay you for it....too cute!!!

  2. you are so funny!! i would love to make you one...just start collecting some of these buttons or peruse your mom's stash like i did. there would be no charge for you my sweet friend! xo! ca