Thursday, June 23, 2011

coffee talk!

when arranging a nice mix of items for coffee tables, I often reach to items such as these for my clients. multiple textures, colors and heights...this creates a collected look. how will you ever decide??
something green (living plant or fresh flowers)...orchid, fern, peonies, hydrangeas, etc.

candy this one with a modern monogram!
i could see some bright lemon drops for summer!! found this one at the crystal shop.

a tray makes all these items feel important and neat...i love these items but not clutter!!
this raffia covered tray is genius from west elm.

coffee table books...a group of three is best! this one is just my style...great images and who doesn't love a man's best friend.

big candles...these are wonderful to have around so if company just stops by or you want to enjoy it all by can light them up! this one is found at anthropologie. I have one of this in my home and love it!!

and of course have an element of curiosity, such as an antique) or from nature (crystal, rock, etc). this lovely box is from karen roberts collection. it has color, texture and a great hiding spot for tv controls!! hope you found these ideas useful and have been inspired to refresh your own coffee table!

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